Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Experienced aerial photography for Colorado and surrounding areas

Here are a list of the most common questions prospective customers have. If you have any other questions please call us on (720) 210-8889 or email us here.

Is Airborne Maps FAA Certified?

Yes, all of our pilots at Airborne Maps are Part 107 certified in Commercial Drones.

Is Airborne Maps insured?

Yes, we have insurance against injury and property damage for each flight.

What if we have a bad weather day?

We monitor the weather 5 days ahead of any shoot. If the weather doesn't look good we talk to the client 48 hours prior to coordinate and discuss the plans moving forward.

If we have to reschedule because of weather a new date will be scheduled.

Can you fly complicated flight patterns?

Yes, we have autopilot software we can use to ply very precise predetermined flight patterns. For example, flying over a 40 acre field, we can set a horizontal pattern with a 75% overlap on each pass.

How much do your services cost?

We generally charge $100 per hour plus travel costs. We also have packaged pricing for residential real estate that varies from $70-110 per house. Please contact us here if you would like a quote.