Experienced aerial photography for Colorado and surrounding areas

Construction and Utilities Reign Supreme in Drone Adoption

Drones serve many obvious purposes for construction and development professionals, like those associated with mapping and surveying.


Mapping and Surveying

We perform fast, cost-effective topographic surveys with unlimited ground control points. We create topographic surveys in minutes using our autonomous flight modes, and then create high-resolution orthomosaics and 3D models with our multi-engine processing



Our drones allow construction managers to take workers out of harm’s way and limit dangerous manned operations to only what is absolutely necessary. Construction companies surveyed over the past year reported 55% increased safety standards directly related to drones applied in this way.



Stockpile measurement is the process by which companies take inventory on material; an often time-consuming and inaccurate process. Using drones to combat this has led to 61% increase in measurement accuracy. With the help of our drones, construction companies and developers reported a 65% overall improvement to communication and collaboration and 53% reduced time to data insights.

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